In search of the Orient-Express


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Status: Completed

Creator(s): Marc Eisenchteter, Louis-Pascal Couvelaire

Format: 2 x 45 min or 90 min

Genre: discovery, Documentary, history

Main Actors: Orhan Pamuk, Laura Thompson, Charles King

Exalted by filmmakers, fantasized by Agatha Christie, the Orient Express is the most famous train in the world, but who knows its true story?

From Paris to Istanbul, via Venice, this exclusive investigation tracks down the lost carriages of the legendary train that revolutionized the art of travel.

Follow the passion- driven work of train hunters, industrial archaeologists, antique train collectors, historians and writers (Charles King and Nobel Prize in Literature winner Orhan Pamuk), in order to recapture the great epic of the Orient Express.

A timeless journey between myth and reality.


Creator(s): Marc Eisenchteter, Louis-Pascal Couvelaire
Producers: Patrice Gellé, Florence Sala
Director(s): Louis-Pascal Couvelaire
Screenplay: Marc Eisenchteter, Louis-Pascal Couvelaire, Michael Pitiot, Bernard Mathieu
Genre: discovery, Documentary, history

Production Company: BBC Studios France, Together Media, Bleu Kobalt
Production Date: 2019
Date of First Broadcast: Saturday, March 16, 2019
Broadcaster(s): Arte (France), Histoire (France), RTS (Suisse), RTBF (Belgique)
Country of Origin: France
Language: English
Format: 2 x 45 min or 90 min
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