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Status: Completed

Creator(s): Serge Boucher

Format: 10x45'

Genre: Thriller

Main Actors: Marc-André Grondin, Pierre Luc Funk

Fragile tells the story of two diametrically opposite families: the wealthy, influential Bachands, and the salt-of-the-earth Coutures. It’s also the story of an unlikely friendship, that of Dominic Couture (Pier-Luc Funk) and Félix Bachand (Marc-André Grondin). The pair’s mysterious death sends shock waves through their families and community, exposing jealously guarded secrets, dangerous liaisons, and hidden agendas.

Genre: Thriller

Production Company: Amalga Créations Medias
Production Date: 2019
Date of First Broadcast: Thursday, November 21, 2019
Broadcaster(s): Radio Canada
Country of Origin: Canada
Language: French
Format: 10x45'